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Yesterday afternoon, I got the go ahead from my boss to bounce out of work a bit early to accomplish a secret mission: chocolate making. While I used to make chocolate all the time in college, work has now taken a considerable chunk out of my cooking life. Between the garden, work, family, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, raw food has been put on the back burner. Not for long though! As sad as I will be to leave my job, I must admit that I’m looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen.

This recipe however is the perfect compromise: simple, quick, and extremely delicious. Here’s what you need:

Ceramic Pan
Parchment Paper (or any non-stick surface)
Cutting Board or Tray
Mixing Bowl
Large Fork

Himalayan Pink Salt
Cacao Butter
Cacao Powder
Coconut Butter
Raw Honey (or agave, coconut nectar, etc.)
Macadamia Nuts

Put a stove burner on VERY low. You want the ceramic pan to heat up, but still be warm to the touch, not burning. Place enough cacao butter on the pan to make 1/3C melted butter. Overestimate a bit because you can always let the excess re-solidify for later use. Once the butter has melted entirely, measure out 1/3C and pour it into a mixing bowl. Using your whisk, stir in 1/3C cacao powder until a smooth viscous consistency is achieved. Next, pour in 3TBS raw honey, but make sure to use the transparent liquid-like kind otherwise the chocolate won’t set correctly. Finally, stir in 2T coconut butter until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Next, take about 2 cups of raw macadamia nuts and drop them in the mixing bowl. Stir them around in the chocolate until everything is evenly coated. Take a piece of parchment paper big enough to cover your cutting board or tray, and place it on top. With the big fork, fish a few of the macadamias out of the bowl and transfer them to the parchment paper. Once you’ve placed all the nuts on the parchment paper, place them in the freezer for 15 minutes or more. Once they have hardened, remove them from the parchment paper and return them to the mixing bowl for a second coating. Once they’ve been evenly covered, put them back on the parchment paper using the big fork to help keep your hands out of the chocolate. Finally, take generous dashes of the Himalayan pink salt to dust the macadamias. Once everything has been salted, return the parchment sheet to the freezer for a final hardening.

If you can contain yourself, wait and hour or two before eating them just to give them a chance to really set. Once they’re done though, be forewarned that they will disappear faster than you think. *Note: In temperatures hotter than 70°-75°, they will melt!